Long awaited weekend

One of the most fun and impromptu weekend i had! Feels like its been so long since i had a decent weekend. Not that i am complaining, but i am glad that i have a well rested and eventful weekend to recharge myself for the new month of Septemeber.

Maybe we should all have 4 days work week and 3 days of weekend!! Hahahahas

Spend loads of quality time with le bf ☺️ completing all the things that i would like to do during my weekends. So glad i managed to try out platypus kitchen and pressed on to visit yayoi kusama’s exhibition. Sometime impromptu plans have its magic too!

ed how the resturant has had table topics to keep us entertained while we were waiting for food!

Off to yayoi kusama: life is the heart of a rainbow 🌈🌈🌈

Queues were crazy even at 9pm, but well hahahs i guess singaporeans like to do stuffs last min πŸ™Š

Yayyy the boyfriend found what he really really needed πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Sometimes i think that i am his pillar of strength, but i guess we are pillar of strengths for each other actually! Seeing him smile happy always makes me forget my problems ☺️ just cause 우리 μ˜€λΉ λŠ” 바보것앗해 πŸ™Š

Sunday comes with exercise! I must thank my boyfriend for diligently getting my lazy bones to work and exercise so that we both can have a healthy lifestyle! Gladdd to be able to learn some historic moments of Singapore and yet have a great work out! Double dates are awesomeeee!


korean keyboard

been learning korean for a year, but haven really found the persistence and determination to use it and practise it. Now with my new keyboard with ν•œκ΅΄ gonna start writing bit by bit in korean. it would not be very awesome, or it will be tough, but i guess practices makes perfect.

μž¬κ°€ ν•œκ΅­μ–΄λ₯Ό κ³΅λ³΄ν•΄μ•ΌλΌμš”! μš°λ¦¬κ°€ ν• μˆ˜μžˆμ–΄.

first wedding of the year

coming in to the year 2017 and i am going to my first wedding of the year!! it’s always great to attend life events of friends of relatives but after attending to quite a handful of it, it kind of realised that it is always more meaning to attend your closest friends once as you watch them grow up, fall and stand up again, walk through their happiness, joys and sadness and see them find their loved ones. But of course i still love weddings, love meeting up with colleagues which is till hold good memories when i was fresh out of school.

work has been a bitch with so much changes and also i think most people are in the stage of rejection before accepting and moving on just how we deal with news. Just hoping that things will be for the better, i mean it’s always a 50-50, no one ever knows. And i should start practising my korean and move it up the next level!


welcoming 2017

scooting off for our annual trip to countdown overseas cause the both of us needs a break and… It’s just too crowded in Singapore…

Penang is the place we are scooting off too, the 2nd place in Malaysia that i have ever been. Haha not a noob, but just felt that Malaysia is always too close to SG which doesn’t seem like i am overseas, but with only 3 days to travel, Penang shall be it. i heard that it was a town of good food and also mural paintings so i am excited.


He always wanna eat my ears i dunno why. Maybe cause i don’t listen well :p


Happy NEW YEAR in 2017 from #adamnvieve


when we have finally arrived at the land of food~ We checked into our hotel after that very long and tiring custom check. Got a huge mixed up at the hotel, making me realise and appreciate the service and standard in SG. And i am never going back to Four Points By Sheraton in Penang.

scoot off to seven roads for our lunch and dinner.


char kway teow


Penang Laksa



Carrot Cake!

we both were too exhausted so we headed to bed early on the first day! wanted to start our day right by going mural hunting!




George Town here we are!



its funny to see how he is so good with posing and being part of the paintings πŸ™‚



The famous one that i alway see!



And so we both lived happily ever after too ❀



Favourite picture of the day! 


Day 3

time always flies when you are having fun. off to Komtar Tower to have the world beneath my foot!


bird’s eye view of Penang



times when my eyes are smaller then his! Oh man the sun 😦

And therefore, both me and adam would like to wish everyone prosperity and happiness for the year of 2017! Thank you for everything and i am so glad and contented for everything in my life till now. Nothing more that i can expect or ask for πŸ™‚



Bad angle and Fat FACE!


bye bye all! looking forward to another trippy in the year 2017 soon~

μƒˆν•΄λΆ 많이 λ°›μœΌμ„Έμš”!! ❀❀❀

pre wedding gathering!Β 

had one of the most interesting pre wedding gathering todayy! charmaine is getting married in a month’s time, so excited for her!! everything went well from lunch buffet at carousel to daiso shopping for props for the brothers for gatecrash to terranium makingg! and nice photos!! ☺️☺️

the bride to be!!

Not forgetting our birthday girls πŸ™‚

off to 11 Rhu Cross at passionwave @ marina bay for our activity 2

My all time favourite photo of the day!

and the workshop starts!! i chose an apple terranium. i dont really have creative cells in me so pray hard that every thing turns up fineee.

setting up the drainage system

And the planting starts…

Everyone is super hard at work!!!

tadah! our 6 master piece πŸ™‚

was so happy today to have the company of all these friends and i really had a very good and therapeutic time to bond with them!!! can’t wait for charmaine’s upcoming wedding now ❀

brainstorming for ideas

family’s gonna start renovating the place to have a new change and also to fixed up some stuffs which have been old and are falling apart since we are living in this place for quite a long time. Time to look for some ideas of how to organise and paint my bedroom.


Food’s practically my life these days

let the photos do the talking πŸ™‚

this is most likely the only perk why i love my new work place!

its only 1 week and look at the variety of food i am havingg! me is a happy girl now 😍😍😍


shifting office

FINALLY it’s D-DAY for the big shift in office. i always know that change is the only constant here in my workplace, but can’t believe i am shifting again. It’s funny how when i get just all comfortable and settled down, we all get to move on again. That’s the thing about life. But it’s always great to look back at the memories that we have all created here!


bye bye ASQ!!!hello CSQ! 

lesson today

not easy to be in a relationship. its about creating a we, a family and a future. No right or wrong, just have to go through it and work it out πŸ™‚ 

my poor boyfrienddd~~


you are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are greyyy~~ 

Thats a really apt song these days ☺️

thank you for being my source of warmth and happiness!! i love you sunflower!! 

indeed i need to focus on the right thing


it’s the journey, not the destination!

food blog JULY

food makes me happy these days! what a tough week, sometimes i do dread work with the upcoming challenging situations we are in at the moment. So let me not dampen it for you and show you some awesome food photos!

had a good brunch today at nosh! but the weather was such a bummer, killing every single excitement i have for the weekends. Thank gawd for food to look forward too, life’s been good to me, and whatelse beats a nice cool glass of apple cider!


crab benedicts

Full monty

Dinner was at bornga suntec city mall! OMGGGG, its been so long since i went for korean bbq, maybe like a year ago, with my family for my mum’s birthday! a more premium concept that bornga has, and the meat were marinated well, best thing is, it’s well ventilated and the staffs cooks the meat for you!

cold noodles for a hot weather of 35 degrees today!